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Luke McCallin
Author of the Gregor Reinhardt Mysteries,
Historical Series Set in Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) During World War II
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Author Luke McCallin
Above: Author Luke McCallin

Luke's Crime Series

Gregor Reinhardt Mysteries

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Author's Experiences as UN Peacekeeper Enrich New Series
Luke McCallin is best known for the Gregor Reinhardt Mysteries, set during World War II in Sarajevo. McCallin picked Sarajevo as a setting for the series because he lived there for four years and planned.

McCallin is a global citizen: born in England, raised in Africa and educated around the world. Professionally, he has worked with the UN as a humanitarian relief worker and peacekeeper in the Caucasus, the Sahel, and the Balkans. He speaks English and three other languages: Spanish, French and Russian.

As a writer, McCallin is most interested in exploring what happens when normal people are put under abnormal pressures.  To this end, he created series hero Gregor Reinhardt, a Berlin detective who was forced to leave the police department when the Nazis took power. Reinhardt, a decorated soldier in World War I, was able to rejoin the Army and spent World War II in military intelligence.
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