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Åsa Larsson,
Author of the Rebecka Martinsson Mystery Books,
Psychological Suspense Series Set in Sweden
From Lapland with Love
Åsa Larsson grew up in Kiruna, Sweden, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle, where the Rebecka Martinsson Mystery Books are set. Also like her hero, Larsson is a qualified tax lawyer.

Here's what Larsson said in the Penguin newsletter about the Rebecka Martinsson crime series:
Author Asa Larsson
Above: Author Åsa Larsson
Photo Credit: Hans Olof Utsi

Åsa's Crime Series

Rebecka Martinsson Mystery Books

I hope you’ll like it. That you’ll like the biting cold of midwinter, the austerity of the people, the dogs that are so important in all my books. I hope you’ll like my police officers: pregnant Anna-Maria with her horse-face, her idle husband whom she loves in spite of everything, and all her children; her colleague Sven-Erik Stålnacke, a man of few words, with his moustache which resembles a squirrel that’s been run over. And I really hope you’ll like my main character, Rebecka Martinsson. I know she’s a little bit isolated from other people and a little bit difficult. The kind of person who works herself to death instead of asking herself how she’s feeling. But she does have her own story, a story she’s running away from. And then of course I hope you’ll like the violence. I have a weakness for shattered bones and bleeding internal organs.
Sun Storm (2006, Rebecka Martinsson Mystery Books # 1, APA: The Savage Altar)
WINNER! Sweden's Best First Crime Novel
FINALIST: Duncan Lawrie International Dagger
The Blood Spilt (2007, Rebecka Martinsson Mystery Books # 2)
WINNER! Sweden's Best Crime Novel
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