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Sara Blaedel,
Author of the Detective Louise Rick/ Reporter Camilla Lind Mystery Books,
Police Procedural Series Set in Denmark
Danish "Queen of Crime"
Writer Sara Blaedel is best known for her mystery book series featuring Copenhagen homicide Detective Louise Rick and crime reporter Camilla Lind, which has been published in 17 countries and 15 languages.

Blaedel's books are realistic, an effect she achieves through research, research and more research: "Blaedel believes that the imagination has its best chance to thrive within the framework of reality. 'I work tirelessly to learn all I can in order to create the settings.' So most of the geographical locations that constitute Louise Rick’s universe are imported from the real world. Her apartment is Sara’s old apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark and she frequents the same cafés that Sara does."*

Blaedel also consults with experts: “I am so fortunate to have good helpers in those areas where I really need factual knowledge--whether in the Homicide Division, Forensics or Forensic Psychology.”*

Green Dust (Detective Louise Rick/ Reporter Camilla Lind Mystery Books #1)
WINNER! 2004 Danish Crime Academy's Debut Prize
*from Sara Blaedel's profile on the MWA website at:
Author Sara Blaedel
Above: Author Sara Blaedel

Sara's Crime Series

Detective Louise Rick/ Reporter Camilla Lind Mystery Books
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